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Murder at the North Pole

Murder at the North Pole


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    Murder Mystery Brunch 

    December 17th at 10:00am

    Santa's Village is no longer a jolly place to be when the computer that prints out the "Naughty/Nice" List say everyone's naughty. There has to be a glitch in the system, but when the only elf who knows how to fix it turns up dead, Santa and Mrs. Claus find themselves searching for a cold-hearted murderer in the coldest place on earth... The North Pole. Could it have been Jingle, Santa's insecure right-hand elf, or Twinkle, an elf with "Issues"? Perhaps it was Jedediah Glitch, Class "C" Villain, or his under-appreciated henchman, Miss Frost. Who knows? Maybe it was Santa himself! It's a tough case, but in the end, the Chairwoman Emeritus of the Elf B.I. (Mrs. Claus) is bound to catch her man......or woman.....or elf!